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Quest For Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero - So You Want to be a Magic User

As a kid I came across the Quest For Glory Collection Series among my dad's games. The collection included games 1, 2, 3, 4, and a demo of 5. Although I never could get that demo to work (for the best from what I've heard), I enjoyed the others immensely even if I never completed them. My memories of the games are all jumbled together. I continuously mix up parts of the fourth with this one. The second game was very distinct in mind for being the only one that required the text parser to play, and I hated it as a kid. For whatever reason, I could manage Zork, Quest, and other text adventures, but as soon as a parser is mixed with graphics my interest shuts down. As for the third game, I have no memories of it... I'm not sure why.
Magic User!
My plan is to now join Trickster and Chet through each game (although I have a feeling Chet will fall behind as the gaps are greater between games). For this first one I chose to go with a Magic User since Trickster went with a fighter and Chet picked thief. I'm a little late to this review because I didn't want to break up the Star Saga One posts, but I played this at the same time. I just hope I can recall what my notes mean. Like Star Saga, and other games to come, I want to explore the games as much as possible, so I'll follow this up with fighter and thief.
I'm off to become a Wizard...
Without further ado, we start, like all adventurers, by entering the town of Spielburg. Here the Sheriff Schultz Meistersson greets us.

I gathered some information about the town and made note of the Guild Hall, Inn, and Magic Shop as points of interest. I also learned there's a brigand problem in these parts.

The Guild Hall offered up some quests, and one leaped out from my recollection, the Healer's ring. I remember it clearly from as an example in a game design book where it was praised for alternative avenues for resolution.

Spoiled with the solution I headed over to the Magic Shop and found the mystical Zara with her familiar Damiano. There are some spells on offer: Open, Fire Dart, and Fetch (which I pick up). There are also some potions, which are cheaper at the Healer's hut.
Come to me my pretty.
Fetch in hand, I headed out to the bird's nest and deprived it of its home by plucking my prize and unceremoniously tossing the twigs aside. With the ring in the Healer's hands, and a gold coin in mine, I headed back to the Zara and purchased Fire Dart. That should make combat a bit easier.

My prior knowledge depleted I finished my round of the town, then headed for the castle. At the castle I worked the stables for a meager wage, and did so in the mornings to follow. Not too far from town I came across a mushroom ring, and collected a few for the Healer who mentioned a need for them.
I think I'm doing this wrong,
Deep in the forest I found some strange creatures popping out of the ground. "My first real puzzle," I thought to myself, "how can I get them out?" I tried to pry them, I tried to burn them, I did everything I could except talk with them. Maybe I don't have the right magic?

Simply talking to the green one when he pops up is all that's necessary. Not much of a puzzle, but I'm happy with my new spell, Detect Magic.
Who's dropping magic scrolls in the woods?
I found some plants spitting a seed around next. A perfect opportunity to practice my fetch spell. This time though I found I wasn't quite up to the task of snatching a seed from midair.
I found later that the Open spell works just as well.
Well, the game definitely has the grinding aspect of RPGs down. I spent a good bit of time trying to fetch the seed before I felt the need to move on. It was getting dark and I needed a place to rest my head. At some later time I did manage to fetch the seed, but I didn't note when.

I stayed the night at the inn, and woke feeling partially refreshed. Another day of stable work, selling the mushrooms, and some goblin gold allowed me to pick the Open spell. I made good use of it by opening a stone slab at Erana's Peace.
Look how far it went... seems I've lost track of it.
I gingerly toke the Calm spell, which doesn't seem to help too much with wandering monsters, but I'm sure it has its use. The fruit looked appetizing, so I tried to cut some down with my dagger, which the game interpretted as, "throw dagger..." my only weapon.

Spending the night at Erana's Peace fully refreshed me. A new day, and a new direction. I found a fruit loving frost giant and a wizard's tower, which I left alone for the time being.
Ah! A talking fox!
I ran across a fox on my way back to town. Helping him out of his bind allowed me to hear what was on his mind. I ignored the absurdity of a talking fox and listened to word of a Dryad in need of help.

I picked up another dagger from the supply store in town before I made my way towards more unexplored parts of the forest. I found the Dryad, and was told the recipe for a dispel potion (I must of retrieved the seed by this point).

Green fur sounded familiar, I remembered the bit about flying water, and fairy dust from the mushroom ring fairies (unlikely I could get some from Zara). I quickly collected the first two, but needed to wait for nightfall before I retrieved the last
I said CALM!!
Passing some time I tried my new spells out in my attempt to enter the cave near the waterfall. While I could open the cave door, the man inside couldn't see me. I needed to climb up the slippery slope. With no climb ability I figured there was another way.

I tried all my spells until I hit upon a magical solution. I saw a ladder briefly with Detect Magic. Burning the location in my mind I climbed up and was greeted by 'Enry the 'Ermit. 'E speaks of 'is friend Erasmus, and offered me the Trigger spell that was passed on to 'im.

I track back towards Erana's Peace for some fruit, but found I was still full. Nearby was an ogre that looked far too menacing the first time I saw him, but with little else to do I tried my luck. Flame Dart and my practiced magic rating were high enough now to take him on with ease. I opened the chest and was rewarded with some extra money.
Is that a bear in a hula skirt?
Inside the cave I calmed the guard bear and found a kobold mage deeper still. Unfortunately, he only seemed to respond well to death and I was forced to introduce him to a few well placed Fire Darts. This combat is notable for not taking place in the usual separate screen.

It took a few tries: I ran out of magic points once and during another I decided Detect Magic might help. It didn't for the fight, but it did reveal a chest. Using Open triggered a trap, but I still collected the gold in addition to the key from the dead kobold. The key unlocked the bear's chains and dispelled his curse.

It turned out this was the missing Baronet. The claw marks on his horse now made sense. With his haughty attitude I was tempted to put the chain back on as he obviously hadn't learned his lesson yet. I didn't get the chance to before he teleported back to the castle.

I collected the reward and spent a lavish night at the castle celebrating this small victory. Of course, it was then morning again and I had even more time to kill before I could collect that fairy dust. Since I was now drowning in money, I stopped by the Healer's shop and picked up an undead ungent in addition to a selection of magic and stamina potions. I also bought some apples for the frost giant, and delivered them before stopping by to see Erasmus.
You were kind of slow... I even consulted the manual.
For beating Erasmus I got a spell that stuns enemies called Erasmus' Razzle Dazzle (shortened to Dazzle). It was still light out, so I explored a bit more and found an Antwerp and the Brigand's camp. I couldn't do much with them though.

As dusk approached I made my way to the mushroom ring once again and encountered the fairies. They were very welcoming and asked me to dance for them. I think any value of agility would succeed, but I wonder if a lower value would see me stumble.
At least Mikey doesn't have much of an appetite.
With a bottle full of fairy dust, I left the safety of the ring and wandered into the night. I discovered the graveyard where I promptly joined the undead floating around. I used the ungent on my reload and pulled the mandrake at midnight. With little else to do, I visited Erana's Peace to rest. On the way I was accosted by a Cheetaur, but he was quickly dispatched.

The next day, with all parts collected I dropped by the Healer's. The dispel potion was ready on the following morning. Using charm and guile I avoided the Antwerp and opened a side passage in the mountain.
I was surprised to find a troll on the other side waiting for me, and with no way out of it I faced off with him. After a few reloads I was successful and quaffed a couple of potions before moving on. Right outside this troll cave was a minotaur. Not confident in a second difficult fight, I used a calm and dazzle spell to stun the beast before opening the door to the fortress.
Poor Yorick, I knew him well... not really.
I had some trouble crossing the trapped courtyard, and even more getting the timing correct for the dinning hall tumble with the three stooges. Really, how was I supposed to know I needed to jump on the table to cut the chandelier. Only by luck of a random click did I manage this feat. In any case, I found Yorick in the next room, but he unhelpfully threw things at me even after I explained my purpose, so I scared him off with a Calm spell (I think any spell would do).

Yorick's maze wasn't much of a challenge. Once through the door, I was confronted by the brigand leader. The dispel potion flew from my hand and destroyed the enchantment on Elsa. She thanked me and bade me back to the castle for my reward. Before we get to that though, there's the final task of dealing with Baba Yaga.
Hut of brown now sit down!
Unhelpfully, I found I could be locked out of this quest if I gave the skull his glowing eyes before learning the pass phrase for the hut. In the VGA version, there's no parser to enter the command. I was fortunate to have saved prior to this discovery, and was able to enter the hut.

Inside I met Baba Yaga who quickly turned me into a frog without a chance to react with the dragon mirror I retrieved from the brigand leader's quarters. It seemed this first meeting was too scripted. Baba Yaga requested I gather a mandrake should she deign to let me go. I already had the root on me, but it seems "too scripted" is a running theme for this part.
Just showing her own reflection should be enough to drive her off.
So, I found myself outside her hut once more. I quickly re-entered, gave her the mandrake root, and again found myself whisked outside before I could react. On my third visit I finally pulled my mirror out and reflected the frog curse. Boy was Baba Yaga hopping mad. She flew away in her bird hut and left the valley in peace.

With all quests completed the ending played without any further chance to explore. I reloaded to see what else I may have missed. I don't remember much more happening, although I did stop by Erasmus' place again to challenge him, and I found some more points.
I'm sorry you're so bad at your own game.
The ending shows a quick scene with the full cast of characters, including the creators. I also received notice that I was now the Hero of Spielburg before being swept up in another adventure.
Corey Cole sporting a dragon head codpiece.
With his treasure recovered, Abdulla Doo, a merchant I had missed during my first playthrough took me back to his homeland. In tow are the Kattas (Shema and Shameen) who ran the inn. We'll see more of them in the next game.
I will show you the world~~
In addition to points hunting I spent a number of days improving my individual spell skills for the next game. I'm going to export each character to play through the subsequent games, so I want them to have every advantage. I tested out my first completion of the game, and noted I had one more spell than the default mage, but all of my stats were abysmally lower (some by more than half). I just couldn't live with that.
The last two shots are before I replayed, here's my final score.
Up next I'll play as a fighter and follow in the footsteps of Trickster. I'll also give the EGA version a go and see how much harder the parser is to deal with.

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Star Saga: One - Beyond the Boundary - Multi-player and Beyond

Please note that this entry will contain spoilers, as I'm going to dump my notes I had been making for FAQ into here. It's too much trouble to organize these into a full document, and I don't think many people would find a need for it. If you're looking for an overview of the basic mechanics, I suggest looking here.

I took a little voyage through space. I decided I needed to explore the multi-player experience, but lacking willing participants, I took on the role of all six space adventurers. The number of turns to reach the end was still rather high (180) for having 6 explorers mapping the helpful planets and gathering resources. I did do a bit of exploring alternatives and differences between events.
The gang's all together on turn six (from Clerc's perspective).
To start, the six star maps of Vanessa Change are passed out, one to each member of the group. They verify the content, make 5 copies, and exchange with each other for the full map. From this point, I direct them in their separate ways to explore the map and reach their goals. First though I get everyone a drone. Drones in this mode can also visit other players and make trading between characters very simple.
Drones make turns one screen slower for all characters.
In addition to drone trading, characters can end their turn by setting up a meeting with any other character on the same trisector. Drones can only trade commodities, but by meeting up, characters can exchange equipment (except for certain items marked as "Can't Trade"). This made it easy to find out how effective equipment is in each encounter. Things fell apart a little at the Outpost combat, and I only found the serpent recently. I've since overwrote the save by accidentally starting a new game without backing up, so I have some gaps in my combat tables.
Attack: Red, Orange, Yellow | Defense: Green, Indigo, Blue | 100 total to win; attack and defense calculated separately
Black spaces are N/A or I couldn't find a way to have the equipment at the fight.
The E.C.M. is an item that I couldn't actually find in the game, but was left in the manual.
During a multi-player some game events are narrated differently if another player has already come through. The hatch could already be blown open on FLN-1, the Satellite orbiting Sto. Sta. 7 may already be destroyed, and the aliens on Withel may already know Earth Standard. In fact, you can visit Withel, not teach them, and come back later to find them able to speak it. Similarly, Arthlan has an active nuclear warhead ready to blow when you first arrive, and you can discover the blast later or come to find it out of orbit on your first visit.

The manual suggests keeping your motives to yourself, but there's little use in that since goals aren't exclusive and by the end you need to work together. The final battle on Outpost requires all players to join in on the same turn, and if someone is lagging behind then other players need to sit around waiting for them (or lend a hand if possible).
Now that you've focused on yourself, you need to wait for everyone else to finish the game.
Not all ships have to make it through all layers of defense though, as I had a few not get past certain events. It seems as long as one character is able to go toe-to-toe with Silverbeard, then everyone will be able to reach the end.

After finally getting to the end, I had about 150 passages left undocumented. Looking through them I found various contingency passages for things done out of order, and many reminders about the current quest objective for each character.
Wait... was I supposed to be seeking a stone?
During my adventures I was trying to find some kind of pattern to planet locations. The randomness seems tied to the current turn and actions taken, although not completely. In any case, the only constant I found was that the planets usually fall into 3 groups. Early, mid, and late planets:

Early (Planets 1 - 10)
Sto Sta 7

Mid (Planets 11 - 23)

Late (Planets 24 - 29)

Lastly, the last three planets FLN-1, Gazan, and Outpost are at set locations. There are some discrepancies.
  • Koursh seems to come shortly after Fiara since they're linked by storyline (once it came as 6th when I found Fiara as 2nd).
  • Corbis was discovered 4th by Valentine since he needs an early source of Super Slip.
  • Feldo once came in as the 10th planet, but I'm not sure why.
So, that's about all I have to say about the game for now. What follows is a dump of the rest of my notes I made while playing. I Hope they're helpful to someone, and maybe they're useful to make a FAQ:

Anti-Energy Field    Ship, Defense, Special    Feldo: 1 Computers, 1 Food   
Anti-Gravity Ray    Ship, Attack, Special    Fiara: Won in Combat exploring Antigravity Research Center   
Auxillary Rockets    Ship, Defense, Mobility    Moiran: 1 Medicine, 1 Fiber    Hemindore: 1 Commodity
Black Cloud    Ship, Attack, Special    Feldo: 1 Tools, 1 Fluids   
Blaster    Hand, Attack, Projectile    Moiran: 1 Fluids, 1 Tools    Moiran: Gained by defeating Mugger
Boarding Robots    Ship, Attack, Contact    Crater: 1 Radioactives, 1 Medicine, 1 Iron   
Confuse Enemy Computers    Ship, Attack, Special    Gironde: Plot Take-off for Free   
Curvature Inductor    Ship, Defense, Armor    Feldo: 1 Fiber, 1 Fluids, 1 Crystals, 1Culture   
Darthan    Hand, Defense, Mobility    Dargen: Complete Ordeal and Masterful Dialogue   
Dimensional Eliminator    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Supa: 1 Computers, 1 Crystals, 1 Fluids, 1 Iron   
Disintegration Gun    Hand, Attack, Projectile    Moiran: 1 Computers, 1 Culture, 1 Food, 1 Medicine   
E.C.M.    Ship, Defense, Special    Nowhere!!   
Entanglement Mines    Ship, Attack, Special    Crater: 1 Food, 1 Fiber   
Exploder    Hand, Attack, Projectile    Welmet: 1 Munitions   
Force Field    Hand, Defense, Armor    Welmet: 1 Culture, 1 Crystal, 1 Fiber, 1 Iron   
Hyperbeam    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Gazan: Salvage Ship for Free   
Hypnotic Gas Sprayer    Hand, Attack, Special    Crater: 1 Food, 1 Crystals   
Immobilizer    Hand, Attack, Special    Gnarsh: 1 Crystals, 1 Fuel, 1 Munitions, 1 Food   
Inertia Control Belt    Hand, Defense, Mobility    Jaquar: Given by Technology   
Internal Reorganization    Hand, Defense, Armor    Feldo: Learn for Free   
Invisibility    Hand, Defense, Special    Tretiak: Investigate Pink Lake for Free   
Kothan    Hand, Attack, Contact    Gen: Attain Second Level in Brotherhood   
Laser Reflector    Hand, Defense, Armor    Welmet: 1 Fuel   
Levitation    Hand, Defense, Special    Rialla: Learn for Free   
Little Puce Alien    Hand, Attack, Special    Tretiak: Like, Crash win Combat   
Magnetic Deflectors    Ship, Defense, Armor    Moiran: 1 Food, 1 Iron   
Mental Shield    Hand, Defense, Special    Ascension: Free by Learn Mental Shield   
Missile Toes    Hand, Defense, Mobility    Moiran: 1 Fiber, 1 Radioactives   
Molecular Disrupter    Hand, Attack, Contact    Crater: 1 Iron, 1 Medicine, 1 Radioactive, 1 Fuel   
Neuron Whip    Hand, Attack, Special    Moiran: 1 Computers, 1 Munitions   
Ninchuckle    Hand, Attack, Projectile    Ethnar: Train in Twychee   
Nuclear Rockets    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Supa: 1 Tools, 1 Fluids   
Phase Cannon    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Firthe: Visit Thiros (Requires Super Space Suit)   
Photon Torpedos    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Moiran: 1 Munitions   
Phrmm    Hand, Defense, Special    Medsun: Random Cargo   
Piercer    Hand, Attack, Contact    Welmet: 1 Computer, 1 Medicine   
Pin Rifle    Hand, Attack, Projectile    Gnarsh: 1 Tools, 1 Iron   
Plasma Beam    Ship, Attack, Projectile    Outpost: Build Plasma Beam for Free   
Poisoning    Hand, Attack, Contact    Ioreth: Study Native Life for Free   
Pressor Beam    Ship, Attack, Contact    Feldo: 1 Fiber, 1 Iron   
Pulse Inverter    Ship, Defense, Special    Crater: 1 Munitions, 1 Fuel   
Ram    Ship, Attack, Contact    Supa: 1 Crystal, 1 Munitions   
Rocket Pack    Hand, Defense, Mobility    Gnarsh: 1 Medicine, 1 Radioactives   
Serene Contemplation    Hand, Defense, Special    Darscold: Serene Contemplation for Free   
Ship Shield Generator    Ship, Defense, Armor    DMQN8J: 1 Phase Steel, 1 Warp Core, 1 Munitions, 1 Fluids, 1 Radioactives, 1 Fiber   
Skin Armor    Hand, Defense, Armor    Bugeye: Given by Director   
Stealth System    Ship, Defense, Special    Supa: 1 Fuel, 1 Culture   
Stress Bulkheads    Ship, Defense, Armor    Supa: 1 Fuel, 1 Medicine   
Stress Field    Ship, Defense, Special    Outpost: Build Stress Field for Free   
Stunner    Hand, Attack, Contact    Crater: 1 Culture, 1 Munitions   
Superhuman Speed    Hand, Defense, Mobility    Baphi: Given by Wreckage search   
Super Space Suit    Hand, Defense, Armor    H6AP6B: 1 Primordial Soup, 1 Super Slip, 1 Food, 1 Medicine, 1 Fiber, 1 Fluids   
Technology Nullifier    Ship, Defense, Special    X6CPUB: 1 Particle Catalyst, 1 Synthetic Genius, 1 Fuel, 1 Tools, 1 Iron, 1 Medicine   
Telekinesis    Hand, Attack, Special    Ouadain: Study Telekinesis for Free   
Tractor Beam    Ship, Attack, Contact    Hemindore: Study Tractor Beam for Free   
Turbo Navigation    Ship, Defense, Mobility    Moiran: 1 Computers, 1 Munitions, 1 Radioactives, 1 Tools   
Warp Winder    Ship, Defense, Mobility    Crater: 1 Culture, 1 Fluids   
Whurffle    Hand, Defense, Special    Alkon: Study Whurffle for Free   

Cargo Bay - Supa
1 Fiber
1 Radioactives

Cargo Bay - Feldo
1 Food
1 Radioactives

Cargo Bay - Rialla
1 Culture
1 Fluids

Cargo Bay - Tretiak
Gather Coconuts

Moiran - Phase Steel
x2 Computers
x2 Food

Firthe - Particle Catalyst
x2 Computers
x2 Fiber

Organu - Primordial Soup

Darscold - Synthetic Genius
x2 Fluids
x2 Radioactives

Feldo - Primordial Soup
x2 Fiber
x2 Fluids

Ethnar - Warp Core
x2 Medicine
x2 Munitions

Commodities for Trade
1    Crystal    1    Fiber
1    Crystal    1    Tools
2    Crystal    1    Food
3    Crystal    1    Computers
1    Munitions    1    Culture
3    Munitions    1    Fuel
1    Munitions    1    Iron
1    Munitions    1    Medicine
3    Munitions    1    Radioactives
1    Fuel    1    Computers
2    Fuel    1    Munitions
3    Fuel    1    Crystals
1    Culture    1    Fluids
2    Culture    1    Fiber
3    Culture    1    Radioactives
2    Tools    1    Culture
2    Tools    1    Food
1    Tools    1    Fuel
1    Tools    1    Iron
1    Tools    1    Medicine

3    Fuel    1    Culture
3    Fuel    1    Munitions
2    Fuel    1    Tools
1    Fuel    1    Food
1    Fluids    1    Food
3    Fluids    1    Munitions
2    Fluids    1    Medicine
2    Fluids    1    Iron

2    Food    1    Crystals
2    Food    1    Fluids
3    Food    1    Fuel
1    Crystals    1    Iron
2    Crystals    1    Fuel
3    Crystals    1    Radioactives
1    Iron    1    Crystals
2    Iron    1    Medicine
3    Iron    1    Food
2    Fiber    1    Iron
3    Fiber    1    Fuels
3    Fiber    1    Tools
1    Medicines    1    Computers
2    Medicines    1    Crystals
3    Medicines    1    Fiber
3    Fiber    1    Computers
2    Fiber    1    Medicine
1    Fiber    1    Crystals

1    Tools    1    Computers
2    Tools    1    Iron
3    Tools    1    Crystals
1    Crystals    1    Food
2    Crystals    1    Culture
3    Crystals    1    Fluids
1    Crystals    1    Iron

2    Culture    1    Computers
2    Culture    1    Fiber
3    Culture    1    Fluids
1    Fiber    1    Munitions
2    Fiber    1    Culture
3    Fiber    1    Iron
1    Munitions    1    Radioactives
2    Munitions    1    Fluids
3    Munitions    1    Fuel
3    Culture    1    Fluids
3    Culture    1    Radioactives
3    Medicine    1    Fiber
2    Medicine    1    Fluids
1    Medicine    1    Food
2    Iron    1    Food
2    Iron    1    Medicine
2    Iron    1    Tools

2    Computers    1    Fiber
2    Computers    1    Food
2    Computers    1    Medicine
1    Medicines    1    Iron
2    Medicines    1    Computers
3    Medicines    1    Tools
2    Fuel    1    Fiber
3    Fuel    1    Medicine
3    Fuel    1    Munitions

3    Computers    1    Culture
2    Computers    1    Tools
1    Computers    1    Munitions
2    Computers    1    Crystals
3    Computers    1    Culture
1    Computers    1    Fuel
2    Computers    1    Radioactives

1    Fluids        Free
1    Radioactives        Free
1    Medicine        Free
1    Fuel        Free
1    Radioactives        Free
1    Food        Free
1    Iron        Free
1    Fiber        Free
1    Fluids        Free
1    Radioactives        Free

Passages (Those marked as Random will be given while traveling space at random points)
1    Fiara-Alien Shuttlecraft
2    Land-Dargen (2)
3    Combat-Squirrellie War (A-D+) (No Green Ore)
4    Land-Nine Worlds (1)
5    Gironde-Take Off [4]
6    Land-Cordethar (Laran)
7    Combat -- Serpent
8    Land-Tretiak (1)
9    Build Tri-Axis-Success (Laran)
10    Land-Darscold (3)
11    Baphi-Wreckage
12    Ethnar-Learn Language (Telepathy)
13    Ouabain-Market
14    Dargen-Ordeal [A]
15    Random
16    Cordethar-400 - present
17    Land-Ouabain (1)
18    Combat-Silverbeard (A-D-)
19    Dambroke-Turn 5
20    Norstar-Clerc (Only 1 Part)
21    Combat-Dream Beast (A+D-) & (A-D+)
22    Gen-Temple Wrong Answer (1)
23    Baphi-Chemicals
24    Rialla-Cargo Drone
25    Supa-Market
26    Land-Outpost (Multi-Failed Power Combat)
27    Gen-Ordeal [C]
28    Jaquar-Market
29    Ioreth-More Poison
30    Random (Smuggling)
31    Combat-Tavern Bully (A+D+)
32    Gironde-Spaceport Robots
33    Harvard-Professor (Only 2 Abilities)
34    Hootenaller-Relax (After 2nd Change)
35    Wellmet-Smuggling (After Smuggling, no Jobs)
36    Combat-Killer Satellites (A+)
37    Valentine-Turn 4
38    Outpost Multi Combat
39    Combat-Swamp Monster (A+D-)
40    Land-Hootenaller (6)
41    Ioreth-Wring Leader's Neck (HD)
42    Land-Gazan (??)
43    Gnarsh-Weapons
44    Land-Withel (3)
45    Cross Edge of Fringe
46    Combat-Corrosive Slime (A+D-)
47    Gazan-Captain's Log
48    Hootenaller-Explore (Fiber)
49    Corin-Turn 2
50    Outpost Multi Combat
51    Wellmet-Weapons (1)
52    Take-Off-Outpost (Not All Repairs)
53    Valentine-Quest Reminder (No Super Slip)
54    Outpost Multi Combat
55    Clerc-Quest (1)
56    Land-Alkon (1)
57    Random
58    Arthlan-Volcanos
59    Build Tri-Axis Drive (no parts)
60    Gazan-Market
61    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (Super Slip)
62    Organu-Strangeways (No Soup)
63    Combat-Satellite (A-D+)
64    Darscold-Gravity
65    Ioreth-Environmental System
66    Combat-Tree Landing (D-)
67    Quest Reminder - Build Tri-Axis Drive
68    Land-Dargen (3)
69    Land-Gazan (Know HD, no planets)
70    Gironde-Take Off [2]
71    Land-Tralis (Return-No Action)
72    Ethnar-Purchase Warp Core
73    Land-Outpost (After The End)
74    Turn 35-Dambroke (No Abilities)
75    Cordethar-Entire Memory
76    Wellmet-Market (3)
77    Land-Outpost (Return - Failed Missiles)
78    Combat-Alarmed Door (A+)
79    Random
80    Land-Hemindore (Return)
81    Random
82    Take-Off-Tretiak (No Space Suit-2)
83    Quest Reminder - Outpost
84    Turner-Turn 3
85    Combat-Squirrellie (A-D+) & (A+D-) (After Lang)
86    Laran-Quest Reminder (Build Tri-Axis)
87    Hemindore-Tractor Beam
88    Random
89    Land-Outpost (Multi-Solo Attack)
90    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (Phase Steel)
91    Random
92    Yrebe-Yes Stay (1)
93    Random
94    Land-Withel (2)
95    Clerc-Quest Reminder (Outpost)
96    Land-Sto. Sta. 7 (Satellite Destroyed)
97    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 6)
98    Valentine-Quest Reminder (2 Super Slip)
99    Combat-Plants (A-D+)
100    Yrebe-Mysterious Interference
101    Combat-Swamp Monster (A-D-)
102    Random
103    Land-Fiara (1)
104    Crater-Institute
105    Koursh-Dig V.C. Member Early
106    Land-Para-Para (Turner 1)
107    Salvage - Already taken ??
108    Wellmet-Start Smuggling
109    Laran-Quest Reminder (Found Cordethar, No Disk)
110    Dargen-Ordeal (2)
111    Random
112    Combat-Dog (A-D-)
113    Land-Yrebe (2)
114    Random-Silverbeard Subsequent
115    Organu-Telepathy
116    Land-Cordethar (2)
117    Land-Darscold (2)
118    Tralis-Left Spinner (Beat Mob)
119    Gironde-Take Off [1]
120    Baphi-No Helm (4)
121    Random
122    Land-Moiran (2)
123    Dambroke-Reminder (2)
124    Wellmet-Tavern (Turner-Multi 2)
125    Build Technology Nullifier (no parts)
126    Harvard-Professor (No Abilities)
127    Combat-Silver Needle (A+D+)
128    Gnarsh-Communication
129    Fail Boundary Combat (3 times)
130    Silverbeard (Surrender as Turner)
131    Land-Gironde (1)
132    Clerc-Turn 4
133    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (2)
134    Wellmet-Tavern (Turner-Multi 1)
135    Cathedral-History (Laran)
136    Land-Bugeye (1)
137    Crater-Shipyard
138    Combat-Power Generator (Multi-A-)
139    Cathedral-Ruins
140    Land-Fiyar (2)
141    Para-Para-Dr. Schottky (Success)
142    Firthe-Particle Catalyst (Ran Out)
143    Land-Withel (Return - Speak Language
144    Random
145    Land-Withel (Already Speak Language)
146    Clerc-Quest (2)
147    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (P.C.)
148    Random
149    Combat-Boundary (A+D+)
150    Random
151    Para-Para-Lateral (1)
152    Corin-Quest Reminder (No Super Suit)
153    Wellmet-Smuggling (no job)
154    Build Universal Translator
155    Hootenaller-Explore (Medicine)
156    Fiyar ???
157    Ethnar-Mining Expedition
158    Land-Hootenaller (3)
159    Outpost-Build Stress Field
160    Hootenaller-Gather Food
161    Build Tri-axis Drive (MJ)
162    Combat-Animated Plant (A-D+)
163    Combat-Big Swamp Monster (A+D+)
164    Land-Ethnar (1)
165    Random
166    Land-Wellmet (Dambroke)
167    Dambroke-Quest Reminder (Ready)
168    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (?)
169    Turn 35-Reminder Clerc (No Items)
170    Dargen-Ordeal (3)
171    Gen-Market
172    Land-Gazan (1)
173    Random
174    Land-Gnarsh (2)
175    Tretiak-Swim Pink Lake
176    Land-Arthlan (After Explosion)
177    Random
178    Para-Para-Dr. Schottky (Success)
179    Combat-Swamp Monster (A-D+)
180    Land-Jaquar (No Darscian)
181    Take-Off-Tretiak (No Space Suit-1)
182    Jaquar-Technology
183    Outpost-Silverbeard's Stockpile
184    Corbis-Locate Building
185    Jaquar, Gazan, Dars-Darscian Planets
186    Hootenaller-Relax
187    Land-Nine Worlds (Return - Failed Boundary)
188    Organu-Market
189    Ioreth-Study Native Life
190    Organu-History
191    Land-Hootenaller (2)
192    Yrebe-Take-Off (2)
193    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (5)
194    Gironde-Central Authority
195    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (7)
196    Gen-Temple Correct Answer
197    Outpost-Build Plasma Beam
198    Land-Gen (2)
199    Ethnar-Explore (Know Language)
200    Land-Rialla (2)
201    Norstar-Clerc (Success)
202    Combat-Mugger (A-D-)
203    Tralis-Rain Forest (2)
204    Random
205    Land-Hemindore (2)
206    Random
207    Land-Baphi (Return - No HD)
208    Ioreth-Poison Wears Off
209    Outpost Multi Combat
210    Ascension-Communicate
211    Outpost Multi Combat
212    Combat-Alarmed Door (A-)
213    Random
214    Ethnar-Refine Chitterbang ??
215    Hootenaller-Relax (After 3rd Change)
216    Bugeye-Research
217    Dambroke-Quest (3)
218    Combat-Hatch (Return-A-)
219    Valentine-Turn 2
220    Land-Ascension (Return - No language?)
221    Valentine-Message From Jen
222    Land-Ouabain [A]
223    Valentine-Turn 3
224    Land-Outpost (Return - Failed Power)
225    Learn High Darscian
226    Land-Gnarsh (1)
227    Dargen-Ordeal [B]
228    Land-FLN-1 (Return, Hatch Destroyed)
229    Combat-Silverbeard (A+D+)
230    Alkon-Whurffling
231    Ioreth-Attempt Take-off (Poison)
232    Outpost Multi Combat
233    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (P.Soup)
234    Land-Ioreth (1)
235    Combat-Swamp Monster (A+D+)
236    Land-Medsun (R-No Phrmm)
237    Combat-Animated Plant (A-D-)
238    Dambroke-Quest Reminder (2 Abilities)
239    Corbis-Nearby City
240    Dargen-Ordeal [A < 4 weeks]
241    Ioreth-Kidnap Children
242    Yrebe-Mine Iron
243    Para-Para-Research
244    Tretiak-Take off Suit (?)
245    Laran-Quest Reminder (Outpost)
246    Land-Tralis (Right Spinners)
247    Feldo-Market
248    Land-Hootenaller (1)
249    Darscold-Market
250    Combat-Airjet (A-D+)
251    Combat-Squirrilee (??)
252    Outpost Multi Combat
253    Cathedral-Spaceship
254    Land-FLN-1 (1)
255    Organu-Strangeways (Loss SM)
256    Land-Outpost (Return - Failed Missiles)
257    Feldo-Primordial Soup
258    Land-Arthlan (2)
259    Ascension-Market
260    Brotherhood - Only give Initiate Brother
261    Land-Wellmet (Failed Smuggling)
262    Land-Rialla (1)
263    Land-Supa (1)
264    FLN-1-Captain's Quarters ??
265    Hootenaller-Explore (Fuel)
266    Tralis-Communicate
267    Dambroke-Quest (1)
268    Gen-Temple of Nil (1)
269    Corbis-Slippery Substance (2)
270    Land-Baphi (Ship Gone - No HD)
271    Medsun-History
272    Land-Fiara (2)
273    Combat-Dog (A+D+)
274    Clerc-Turn 5
275    Combat-Serpent (??)
276    Dambroke-Quest (2)
277    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (G.F.)
278    Land-Gazan (2)
279    Wellmet-Weapons (2)
280    Drone Purchase Info
281    Baphi-Yes Helm (3)
282    Quest Reminder-Dambroke (Outpost)
283    Moiran-Weapons (2)
284    Ascension-Mine Minerals (??)
285    Tretiak-Remove Space Suit
286    Land-Ethnar (2)
287    Don't Know Alien Language ??
288    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 8)
289    Gen-Titanic Cave (Return)
290    Supa-Shipyard
291    Combat-Teddy Bear (A+D+)
292    Gazan-Drone
293    Random
294    Hootenaller-Explore (Iron)
295    Gen-Temple of Nil (Before Healed)
296    Rialla-Cargo Bay (Forward)
297    Land-Baphi (3)
298    Bugeye-Director
299    Land-Wellmet (Clerc)
300    Tretiak-Talk to Green Men
301    Land-Baphi (2)
302    Wellmet-Tavern (Corin-Multi 2)
303    Gironde-Obtain Gradient Filter
304    FLN-1-Fail Hatch Many Times ??
305    Moiran-Phase Steel
306    Land-Fiara (Return - No HD)
307    Gen-Temple of Nil (Return-Dargen Next)
308    Hemindore-Explore Tchuros
309    Organu-Strangeways (Swamp Battle?)
310    Combat-Tavern Bully (A-D+) & (A+D-)
311    Build Tri-Axis-Success (Corin)
312    Combat-Squirrilee War (??)
313    Supa-Cargo Bay (Port)
314    Combat-Squirrellie (A+D+) (After Lang)
315    Arthlan-Artifact w/ Technology Nullifier
316    Land-Gironde (2)
317    Combat-Squirrellie (A-D+) & (A+D-)
318    Gironde-Market
319    Combat-Big Swamp Monster (A-D+)
320    Wellmet-Tavern (Corin-Multi 1)
321    Land-Jaquar (Know HD)
322    Clerc-Slow Tri-Axis
323    Combat-Animated Plant (A+D+)
324    Turn 35-Corin Reminder (FLN-1)
325    Medsun-Academy
326    Build Tri-Axis-Success (Valentine)
327    Rialla-Capture Riallan (Part 2) (Language)
328    Combat-Tavern Bully (A-D-)
329    Baphi-Darscian Ship
330    Land-Gnarsh (Failed Combat)
331    Moiran-Shipyard
332    Land-FLN-1 (Corin-Hatch Blown)
333    Corbis-Thermal Spot
334    Combat-Animated Plant (A+D-)
335    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 10)
336    Land-Gazan (3)
337    Arthlan-Craters (After Explosion)
338    Firthe-Chem Lab
339    Hootenaller-Explore (After 3rd Change)
340    Moiran-Weapons (1)
341    Gnarsh-Learn About War
342    Combat-Killer Satellites (A-)
343    Crater-Drone
344    Combat-Smart Missiles (Multi-D-)
345    Withel-Teach Earthese
346    Land-Ioreth (Return, Now Know HD)
347    Ascension-Mine Minerals (Know About Tech)
348    Land-Moiran (1)
349    Medsun-Museum
350    Land-Tretiak (2)
351    Laran-Quest Reminder (Turn 25)
352    Outpost Multi Combat
353    Crater-Weapons
354    Land-Cathedral (2)
355    Corin-Quest Reminder (Tri-Axis)
356    Land-Dargen (R - No Kothan)
357    Rialla-Market
358    Land-Firthe (2)
359    Corbis-Investigate (Someone Got Here First)
360    Land-Wellmet (Turner)
361    Combat-Automated Robot (A+D+)
362    Land-Jaquar (Return - Now Know HD)
363    Gen-Ordeal [A]
364    Land-Darscold (Return - No HD)
365    Gazan-V.C. Ship (Fail Combat)
366    Baphi-Yes Helm (1)
367    Koursh-Repair Navigation
368    Land-Ouabain [B]
369    FLN-1-Explore Tunnel
370    Turner-Turn 5
371    Gen-Ordeal [B]
372    Fiara-Options (No Darscian Planets)
373    Tretiak-Rap with Green Men
374    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (4)
375    Land-Baphi (1)
376    Gen-Titanic Cave
377    Land-Crater (2)
378    Random
379    Combat-Satellite (A+D-)
380    Combat-Plants (A+D+)
381    Combat-Smart Missiles (D-)
382    Dambroke-Turn 2
383    Alkon-Market
384    Tralis-Rain Forest (1)
385    Gen-Temple of Nil (Return)
386    Corbis-Slippery Substance (1)
387    Medsun-Phrmm
388    Laran-Turn 3
389    Norstar-Clerc (Only 2 Equipment)
390    Moiran-Dee's Palace (Nothing to Steal)
391    Corbis-Slippery Substance (3)
392    Outpost-Newer Hangers
393    Ioreth-Landing Beacon
394    Feldo-Cargo Bay (Aft)
395    Wellmet-Market (2)
396    Land-Corbis (1)
397    Ethnar-Return with Chitterbang
398    Combat-Tree Landing (D+)
399    Hootenaller-Explore (Radioactives)
400    Land-Sto.Sta.7 (Failed Combat)
401    Laran-Turn 4
402    Fiyar-Mine Fuel (Again)
403    Abandon Investigation ??
404    Land-Hootenaller (5)
405    Combat-Squirrellie War (A+D+)
406    Land-Outpost (1)
407    Dargen-Ordeal [C]
408    Ioreth-Study Colony
409    Para-Para-Alpha-One
410    Land-Fiara (2)
411    Gen-Archives
412    Hootenaller-Gather Food (After 3rd Change)
413    Koursh-Take-off No Sensors
414    Ethnar-Language w/ Univ. Trans.
415    Random
416    Land-Outpost (??)
417    Wellmet-Traders (Clerc)
418    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (2)
419    Random
420    Wellmet-Family Market
421    Combat-Hatch (A+??)
422    Tretiak-Dress for the Party
423    Land-Arthlan (Out of Orbit)
424    Para-Para-Forward
425    Land-Jaquar (Return - No HD)
426    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 1)
427    Combat-Smart Missiles (D+)
428    Tralis-Attack Mob
429    Density Barrier Warning
430    Land-Cordethar (1)
431    Para-Para-Dr. Peterson
432    Moiran-Dee's Palace
433    Wellmet-History
434    Fiyar-Mine Fuel
435    Combat-Mugger (A+D-)
436    Withel-Drone
437    Hootenaller-Explore (After Change)
438    Land-FLN-1 (Return - Hatch Still There)
439    Moiran-Phase Steel (2)
440    Rialla-Capture Riallan (Part 1)
441    Combat-Serpent (A+D+)
442    Combat-Boundary (??) 2nd Time Lost
443    Combat-Corrosive Slime (A+D+)
444    Gironde-Central Authority (Core Meeting??)
445    Ioreth-Visit Darscians
446    Land-Dargen (No Kothan)
447    Para-Para-Dr. Schottky (Unfinished)
448    Land-Cathedral (1)
449    Turner-Quest Reminder (Tri-Axis)
450    Moirain-Phase Steel (Out of Stock)
451    Random
452    Para-Para-Lateral (2)
453    Firthe-Particle Catalyst
454    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (3)
455    Sto.Sta.7-Explore (1)
456    Wellmet-Market (1)
457    Combat-Hatch (A-)
458    Land-Corbis (Return)
459    Combat-Squirrellie (A-D-)
460    Nine Worlds-Leucothea (Return)
461    Land-Gazan (4)
462    Wellmet-Tavern (Prof-Multi 1)
463    Laran-Quest Reminder (Found Cathedral, No Disciple)
464    Feldo-Equipment Storeroom
465    Combat-Corrosive Slime (A-D-)
466    Hootenaller-Explore (Crystals)
467    Combat-Automated Robot (A-D+)
468    Random
469    Land-Ascension (1)
470    Clerc-Quest (3)
471    Land-Ouabain [C]
472    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (5)
473    Koursh-Dig up Crew
474    Arthlan-Metal Artifact
475    Land-Supa (2)
476    Baphi-Yes Helm (4)
477    Combat-Dog (A+D-)
478    Wellmet-Traders (1)
479    Build Technology Nulifier
480    Land-Nine Worlds (2)
481    Rialla-Capture Riallan (Part 2) (No Language)
482    Koursh-Take-off No Power
483    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (Warp Core)
484    Combat-Mob of Lefties (A-D-)
485    Arthlan-Artifact w/ Anti-Energy Field
486    Corin-Turn 4
487    Moiran-Market
488    Build Tri-Axis-Success (Clerc)
489    Wellmet-Smuggling
490    Combat-Corrosive Slime (A-D+)
491    Jaquar-Drone
492    Wellmet-Tavern (1)
493    Arthlan-After Explosion (While on Planet)
494    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 5)
495    Combat-Gravity (D+)
496    Combat-Silverbeard (A-D+)
497    Turner-Quest Reminder (Fought & Lost)
498    Koursh-Repair Powers
499    Tretiak-Collect Fiber
500    Norstar-Clerc (No Equipment)
501    Laran-Quest Reminder (done)
502    Rialla-Lean Language no Help
503    Combat-Teddy Bear (A+D-)
504    Clerc-Quest Reminder (done)
505    Outpost-Multi Combat
506    Random
507    Land-Jaquar (Return??)
508    Ethnar-Learn Language
509    Rialla-Explore w/o Language
510    Land-Dargen (1)
511    Outpost-Old Hanger
512    Gazan-V.C. Abandoned Ship
513    Hemindore-Meet Elder
514    Land-Darscold (No Darscian)
515    Gironde-Take Off (1)
516    Land-Ouabain (Return-Failed Land)
517    Combat-Squirrellie War (??)
518    Hootenaller-Gather Food (After Change)
519    Wellmet-Smuggling (Second Run)
520    Combat-Beam Weapons (D+)
521    Ioreth-Introduction (No Planets)
522    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (4)
523    Land-Rialla (2)
524    Random
525    Hootenaller-Relax (After Change)
526    Withel-Translating
527    Tretiak-Investigate Pink Lake
528    Combat-Hatch (A+)
529    Outpost-Multi Combat
530    Random
531    Land-Alkon (2)
532    Random
533    Land-Outpost (Return - Failed Multi-Combat)
534    Heaven-Valentine (1 Super Slip)
535    Wellmet-Tavern (Prof-Multi 2)
536    Build Tri-Axis-Success (Prof)
537    Dambroke-Harvard (1)
538    Dambroke-Turn 3
539    Land-Outpost (Return - Failed Satelites)
540    Turner-Turn 2
541    Tralis-Translator
542    Random
543    Yrebe-Day Side
544    Combat-Boundary (A-D-) 3rd Time
545    Valentine-Quest Reminder (1 Unit)
546    Land-Wellmet (Laran)
547    Random
548    Dambroke-Harvard (2)
549    Rialla-Riallan Origin
550    Combat-Power Generator (A-)
551    Atlantis-Corin (No Stone)
552    Hootenaller-Explore (After Change - Get Mass)
553    Leucothea-Larin (No Disk)
554    Organu-Strangeways (After BWM)
555    Land-Gazan (No Darscian)
556    Combat-Mob of Lefties (A+D+)
557    Moiran-Mugger
558    Fiara-Darscian Records
559    FLN-1-Captain's Quarters
560    Land-Dargen (R-Kothan)
561    Nine Worlds-Heaven (Only 2 Units)
562    Rialla-Space Authority
563    Heaven-Valentine (No Super Slip)
564    Gironde-Take Off (2)
565    Land-Darscold (1)
566    The End
567    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 3)
568    Withel-Market (Taught Language)
569    Corin-Quest Reminder(Open Hatch, Space Suit, No Stone)
570    Land-Para-Para (1)
571    Combat-Boundary (A-D-)
572    Tralis-Secret Passage
573    Random
574    Gironde-Take Off (3)
575    Laran-Turn 5
576    Frontier-Smuggling (Not All Culture)
577    Random
578    Gen-City of Markov
579    Land-Darscold (Return - Now Know HD)
580    Combat-Squirrellie War (A-D-)
581    Clerc-Quest Reminder (1 Improvement)
582    Gen-Ordeal [B+B]
583    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (1)
584    Rialla-Lean Language after Capture
585    Corin-Quest Reminder (Outpost)
586    Nine Worlds-Atlantis (w/ Stone)
587    Turner-Quest Reminder (Outpost)
588    Baphi-Colony Dome
589    Random
590    Sto.Sta.7-Explore (2)
591    Combat-Plants (A-D-)
592    Hemindore-Market
593    Arthlan-Metallic Outcrop
594    Wellmet-Tavern (Clerc-Multi 1)
595    Combat-Automated Robot (A-D+)
596    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (6)
597    Gazan-Salvage Ship
598    Land-Para-Para (2)
599    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 9)
600    Random
601    Build Super Space Suit
602    Outpost Combat Failed ??
603    Wellmet-Tavern (2)
604    Random
605    Hootenaller-Gather Food (After 2nd Change)
606    Laran-Quest Reminder (Cord - Turn 80)
607    Cordethar-1000 - 400 years
608    Tretiak-Gather Coconuts
609    Combat - Strangeways Win, but No Soup
610    Land-Rialla (w/ Universal Translator)
611    Cathedral-Market
612    Valentine - Quest (First Super Slip)
613    Tralis-Learn Translator
614    Ioreth-Set Fires
615    Build Ship Shield Generator
616    FLN-1-Captain's Quarters (Corin)
617    Random
618    Land-Medsun (2)
619    Crater-Market
620    Silverbeard-Surrender, no cargo
621    Gnarsh-Tri-axis
622    Outpost-Old Buildings
623    Build Super Space Suit (Corin)
624    Land-Koursh (2)
625    Arthlan-Collect Radioactives ??
626    Gironde-Confront Core
627    Random
628    Gironde-Take Off [5]
629    Cordethar-400 - present (Laran)
630    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (1)
631    FLN-1-Radioactives
632    Ethnar-Market
633    Alkon-History
634    Ethnar-Learn Language (Have Ninchukle)
635    Brotherhood Wrong Dialogue
636    Combat-Dog (A-D+)
637    Random
638    Land-Rialla (w/ Universal Translator) Tri-Axis??
639    Medsun-Study Phrmm (No Commodity)
640    Ouabain-Open a Door
641    Wellmet-Tavern (Clerc-Multi 2)
642    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 7)
643    Random
644    Land-Feldo (1)
645    Random
646    Wellmet-Archives or History??
647    Random
648    Land-Cathedral (Laran)
649    Clerc-Turn 3
650    Combat-Squirrellie War (A-D+)
651    FLN-1-Explore Tunnel (Corin)
652    Combat-Silverbeard (A+D-) (Turner)
653    Random
654    Clerc-Turn 2
655    Random
656    Land-Feldo (2)
657    Fiyar-Explore Deeper (more)
658    Firthe-Market
659    Combat-Mugger (A+D+)
660    Build Super Space Suit (no parts)
661    Ethnar-Train in Twychee
662    Land-Hootenaller (Return After Change)
663    Build Tri-axis Drive Booster
664    Outpost Combat Failed ??
665    Wellmet-Tavern (Valentine-Multi 1)
666    Random
667    Land-Firthe (1)
668    Combat-Mugger (A-D-) ??
669    Land-Wellmet (2)
670    Bugeye-Tavern
671    Combat-Silver Needle (A+D+) Multi-player
672    Corin-Quest Reminder (done)
673    Withel-Undeveloped
674    Land-Hootenaller (4)
675    Combat-Dream Beast (A-D-)
676    Bugeye-Market
677    Tralis-Collect Medicine
678    Combat-Strangeways ??
679    Fiara-Anti-Gravity (Failed Combat)
680    Combat-Squirrellie War (A+D-)
681    Rialla-Learn Riallan
682    Outpost - Multi- Combat
683    Nine Worlds-Atlantis (after Stone)
684    Outpost-Beam Weapon
685    Gironde-Take Off (??)
686    Darscold-Serene Contemplation
687    Wellmet- Valentine Returns Home
688    Supa-History
689    Wellmet-Meet Jen
690    Land-Crater (1)
691    MJ-Random (Reflection on Silverbeard)
692    Land-Ioreth (Return)
693    Brotherhood Wrong Dialogue
694    Land-Tretiak (With Super Suit?)
695    Dambroke-Reminder (1)
696    Wellmet-Lanza Family??
697    Harvard-Dambroke Return too Early
698    Land-Organu (1)
699    Koursh-Repair Sensors
700    Nine Worlds-Leucothea (Laran)
701    Combat-Gravity (D-)
702    Combat-Beam Weapons (D-) ??
703    Ethnar-Warp Core Info
704    Land-Yrebe (1)
705    Jaquar-(Know HD, No Planets)
706    Combat-Boundary (A-D+)
707    Wellmet-Tavern (Valentine-Multi 2)
708    Fiara-Antigravity
709    Wellmet-Smuggling (Not Run)
710    Firthe-Translation
711    Land-FLN-1 (Corin)
712    Smuggling
713    Random
714    Silverbeard-Surrender (No Cargo)??
715    Nine Worlds-Heaven (3 Super Slips)
716    Land-Withel (1)
717    Valentine-Turn 5
718    Tretiak-Like, Crash
719    Alkon-Learn Alkonese
720    Land-Bugeye (2)
721    Ouabain-Telekinesis
722    Land-Koursh (1)
723    Hootenaller-Explore (Food)
724    Land-Arthlan (2 After Explosion)
725    Koursh-Take-off No Navigation
726    Land-FLN-1 (2)
727    Land-Ioreth (No Darscian)
728    Koursh-Take-off No Aliens
729    Hemindore-Maneuverability
730    Land-Wellmet (Valentine)
731    Fiyar-Search Warp Core (3)
732    Gironde-History
733    Ascension-History
734    Combat-Mugger (A-D+)
735    Nine Worlds-Heaven (Already Complete)
736    Combat-Mob of Lefties (A-D-)
737    Combat-Silverbeard (A+D+) (Turner)
738    Land-Wellmet (Failed Smuggling ??)
739    Hemindore-Hemingellan Ships
740    Turner-Quest Update (Ship Addition)
741    Alkon-Hire Freddie
742    Corin-Quest Reminder (Blast Hatch on FLN-1)
743    Land-Gen (1)
744    Random
745    Arthlan-Examine Volcanoes (After Explosion)
746    Outpost - Multi Combat
747    Arthlan-Artifact w/ nothing
748    Land-Sto.Sta.7 (2)
749    Gironde-Take Off [4]
750    Jaquar-(Know HD, Know Planets)
751    Tretiak-Gather Coconuts (2)
752    Cathedral-Jungles
753    Ioreth-Dump Garbage
754    Random
755    Medsun-Market
756    Ioreth-Market
757    Ouabain-Open a Door [A]
758    Darscold-Artificial Intelligence
759    Random
760    Darscold-Know HD, No Planets
761    Land-Wellmet (Failed Smuggling - No Cargo)
762    Frontier - Smuggling Success (2nd Run)
763    Gen-Temple of Nil (4)
764    Hootenaller-Serpent Reward (Synth. Genius)
765    Turner-Turn 4
766    Land-Arthlan (1)
767    Ethnar-Refine Chitterbang
768    Combat-Boundary (A+D-)
769    Arthlan-Giant Craters
770    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 11)
771    Valentine-Quest (3rd Super Slip)
772    Land-Tralis (2)
773    Ethnar-Explore
774    Combat-Big Swamp Monster (A+D-)
775    Dargen-Brotherhood Temple (Have Darthan)
776    Land-Alkon (2)
777    Combat-Squirrellie (A-D+) & (A+D-) (Ninchuckle)
778    Land-Organu (2)
779    FLN-1-Synthetic Genius
780    Organu-Bio-engineering
781    Land-FLN-1-Hatch Blown
782    Gironde-Take Off [3]
783    Combat-Airjet (A+D-)
784    Wellmet-Tavern (Laran-Multi 1)
785    Ascension-Resources
786    Hootenaller-Explore (Fluids)
787    Ouabain-Institute for Learning
788    Combat-Squirrellie (A+D+)
789    Para-Para-Boundary
790    Cathedral-History
791    Para-Para-Dr. Schottky (1)
792    Combat-Big Swamp Monster (A-D-)
793    Combat-Killer Satellites (A+) (Multi)
794    Ioreth-Attack City
795    Combat-Satellite (A-D-)
796    Hootenaller-Explore (After 2nd Change)
797    Baphi-Force Field
798    Wellmet-Tavern (Laran-Multi 2)
799    Supa-Tavern
800    Laran-Turn 2
801    Koursh-Red Aliens
802    Combat-Satellite (A+D+)
803    Tralis-Go To Left Spinner (Beat Mob)
804    Land-Ioreth (2 - Know HD)
805    Fiara-Market
806    Land-Sto.Sta.7 (Failed Combat - Satellite Destroyed)
807    Para-Para-Market
808    Land-Ascension (Return ??)
809    Gnarsh-Market
810    Combat-Mob of Lefties (A+D-)
811    Silverbeard-Surrender Pay
812    Outpost - Multi - Combat
813    Random
814    Land-Tretiak (Return ??)
815    Baphi-Yes Helm (2)
816    Organu-Strangeways
817    Combat-Airjet (A-D-)
818    Combat-Silverbeard (A-D+) (Turner)
819    Combat-Airjet (A+D+)
820    Feldo-Internal Reorganization
821    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 2)
822    Clerc-Hurry Up (3)
823    Combat-Silverbeard (A-D-) (Turner)
824    Random
825    Corbis-Cat-like Creature
826    Valentine-Quest Reminder (Have all 3)
827    Firthe-Biology
828    Withel-Market (No Language)
829    Land-Tretiak (Return ??)
830    Baphi-Humming Sound
831    Arthlan-Artifact w/ Levitate
832    Gen-Ordeal
833    Turn 35-Reminder Turner (No Progress)
834    Rialla-Riallan Biology
835    Combat-Dream Beast (A+D+)
836    Random (Silverbeard)
837    MJ-Quest Reminder (done)
838    Land-Fiyar (1)
839    Gironde-Take-Off (??)
840    Corbis-Collect Fluids
841    Hootenaller-Explore
842    Corin-Turn 5
843    Combat-Silverbeard (A+D-)
844    Firthe-Thiros
845    Koursh-Blue Aliens
846    Land-Fiara (Return - Know HD) ??
847    Arthlan-Artifact w/ Whurffle
848    Tretiak-Dress (No Suit)
849    Land-Hemindore (1)
850    Valentine-Quest Reminder (Have 2)
851    Yrebe-Yes Stay (2)
852    Build Universal Translator (no parts)
853    Combat-Plants (A+D-)
854    Corin-Turn 3
855    Build Ship Shield Generator (no parts)
856    Dargen-Ordeal (1)
857    Combat-Boundary (A-D-) 2nd Time
858    Random
859    Land-Wellmet (After Smuggling)
860    Bugeye-Corin Meets Director
861    Combat-Teddy Bear (A-D-)
862    Dambroke-Turn 4
863    Ascension-Mental Shield
864    Cathedral-Ruins (Failed to Kill Dog)
865    Koursh-Radioactives
866    Ouabain-Open a Door [C]
867    Ioreth-Wring Leader's Neck (No HD)
868    Rialla-Learn Levitate
869    Combat-Teddy Bear (A-D+)
870    Rialla-Jump Engine (Part 4)
871    Arthlan-Mine Radioactives
872    Feldo-Learn About Feldo
873    Norstar-Clerc (Not Enough ??)
874    Rialla-Explore Outside
875    Random
876    Land-Fiara (No Darscian)
877    Random
878    Combat-Power Generator (A+)
879    Combat-Automated Robot (A+D-)
880    Land-Sto.Sta.7 (1)
881    Dargen-Ordeal (4)
882    Land-Tralis (1)
883    Random
884    Land-Medsun (1)
885    Tralis-Return to Village
886    Land-Wellmet (Corin)
887    Moiran-Phase Steel (None Left)
888    Land-Ouabain (2)

Brotherhood Responses
Q: How does one know the way to truth?
A: I truly seek the answer.
(Initiate Brother)

Q: The way to truth is by quietly admitting your innocence.
A: I now know the way
Q: How then does one find which path to take along the way?
A: One asks in the way of the Ancients.
(Advancing Brother)

Q: The Way of the Ancients is a long and treacherous path.
A: Yet it is one I wish to follow.
Q: How does an ancient scry the path?
A: The Way of the Ancients is to ask in silence
(Masterful Brother)

Q: The questions asked in silence are head by the Very Wise.
A: And surely the Very Wise know the Way
Q: When you yourself asked in silence, how did they respond?
A: The Way is towards the center
(Worshipful Brother)

Q: The core is in fact the center.
A: And the core is the Way
Q: When you get there, what will you find?
A: I do not know the answer